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Marketing Automation with Olympic Entertainment Group

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Marketing Automation

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Optimizing Marketing Resources and
Automation Solution Implementation

The Customer’s finance department revealed the inefficiency of allocating unreasonably high amounts of resources on company marketing activities. After a more detailed investigation, the customer realized that digital marketing and BI teams are spending most of their time analyzing customer data for segmentation and launch of marketing campaigns. The work included manually analyzing and segmenting the customer base, preparing customer’s contact details. As a result, the team was capable of launching a limited number of campaigns and didn’t have sufficient time to analyze the results.

It was clear that a marketing automation solution is required, however, due to the complexity and variety of existing back-office systems and data stores, there was no clear understanding of whether a custom solution is required or whether a shelf product will suffice. As OEG maintains both online and land-based business, the customer and financial data was not normalized and was spread across multiple systems. After careful consideration, it was decided to develop a custom solution, which will support all the existing company systems and infrastructure, but at the same time, have an architecture that provides needed flexibility to work with related components that can be significantly redesigned in the future.


Centralized Marketing Automation Solution

The Sogo team worked closely with marketing, BI teams, and OEG C-level executives to collect, analyze, and formulate the right set of requirements that best describe and meet the interests of all stakeholders. The initial engagement included mapping all the relevant sources of data, finding the data gaps and duplicates, normalization of data between various systems, and structuring a pipeline to ensure the data will stream and be available for the marketing automation tool.

The actual delivery of the solution was divided into several phases to be able to quickly address processes inefficiencies, save resources and get the necessary response from various stakeholders, so the solution can be fine-tuned in subsequent iterations. The focus of the delivery phase, which followed the data analysis and normalization, was automating various sub-processes. Eventually, all the components were consolidated into a single centralized, business users friendly product.

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We have been working with Sogo Services for over a year now on multiple verticals - namely marketing automation and machine learning-based analytics and segmentation; on all these, Sogo's team took complete ownership of the project while showing a high level of expertise and commitment during the complete life-cycle of the project - starting with doing above and beyond what is required in understanding the products vertical itself, though product management, the design of the solution architecture, implementation, and deployment; we will be relying on the team's expertise for future projects as well 

CEO Olympic Entertainment Group 

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