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Products designed and built for Live Casino operators' needs

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Video Encoder

LiveCast is a highly scalable and low-latency software video encoder, making it the ideal solution for streaming live content from multiple sources.

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DVRA & Dealer Analytics

DVRA is a cloud-based video archiving platform designed explicitly for Live Games, with analytics and advanced search capabilities.

Whistleblower for Live and Casino Gaming

for Live and Casino Gaming

Our SaaS whistleblower  - easily adheres to regulatory requirements; Whistleblower provides a fully managed anonymous reporting suite, allowing your employees to report issues safely and anonymously via a two-way channel.

Such a tool is an essential resource for compliance in the Live and Casino Gaming industry. It helps create transparent Live Gaming operations by allowing your employees and customers to report any issues they encounter safely and anonymously. This ensures that your business is operating ethically and in compliance with all relevant regulations while also protecting your employees from potential retaliation.


By using a whistleblower solution, you can create a culture of trust and transparency within your organization.

Live Video Puls
Live Video Pulse 1 (2).png

Live Video Pulse

Live Video Pulse is a video quality analytics platform created by Sogo. It is a one-stop solution for monitoring the quality and stability of your Live Video streams end to end - from the encoder to the player. With precise information that is not solely reliant on your CDN, you can trust that you are getting accurate data on the performance of your Live streams. This can help you identify any issues and take corrective action to ensure that your live streams are consistently of high quality and stable.

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