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Real-Time Video Analytics Engine for Online Casino

The Goal

In the Live provider space, it is very important to maintain a clean (i.e. no clutter) look on the tables and provide very fast and extremely accurate results for game cards, roulette wheel results and so on. Existing solutions simply fall short on at least one, if not two – of those requirements.


The Sogo Solution

AI- powered video analytics engine allowing for fast result detection (sub 300ms), ensuring reliability in a very challenging environment (no fixed spots, light reflections, constant obstructions from dealer hands), flexibility in placement and graphical layout – as well as low processing requirements, to empower cheap deployment of many units.


The Result

Sogo Services tailored a completely custom algorithms stack, able to detect a roulette result within 3 frames (~50ms), as well as cards within the provided time-frame with extremely high reliability (99.999% rate).

Power in Numbers




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